Rodos Rugby “The Colossi”

The unlucky finalist last season, we won’t go back on this sad evenement in Greek rugby history, is willing to show all its potential this season.

Ρόδος Ράγκμπι Οι Κολοσσοί

  • Coach: Anestis Karageorgiou
  • Training pitch: Diagoras athletics stadium
  • Training hours: Monday and Wednesday night at 5pm
  • Contact details:
    • rodosrugby @ mail . gr
    • Anestis Karageorgiou 6946873401 / 2244047194
  • In their own words:

“Rodos Rugby “The Colossi” is a new team playing in the start up national Greek competition. We fought our way to qualify for the Grand Final but it wasn’t to be. Poseidon checked our progress and stopped our ship to the mainland as he did to Odysseus a few years ago. We never got to play, but we are looking ahead to next season with heightened purpose”

They are looking for new players, some old boys have left, some are still busy with the tourist season being still on… Rodos has great potential, we saw it last year. Just go to their pitch, give it a try and become a Colossi!

Rodos Rugby

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  1. 1 jim george (bowie) Aug 26th, 2007 at 2:04 pm

    hello the karas boys

    i think you might need some of the old GOYA’s football players over there to help you gat promoted to the big league. i need to know what the salary cap has in it’s bag so i can do some recruiting over here in bris for you. i spoke to joey and a few others and we are temtping a comeback hit n run mission for rodos rugby. i can get a good and reliable bus driver to take us around if you need or are we going to use the donkey express instead.

    any way good luck and go get em.

    the last surving GOYAN halfback


  2. 2 michael Sep 4th, 2007 at 7:29 am

    hello my name is michael, im 34 years old,125 kg, 6 foot 2 and have played rugby and rugby league of and on for years.
    my family hail from the dodecanese, and am very interested in playing for the collosi. please contact me with some pretty fit and am not overweight

  3. 3 Anestis Karagiorgi Oct 29th, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    Hey fellas I just saw these posts!

    Good on you Bowie, get your arse over here but no dump selling. Take a hit now and then! Bus is taken care of . . . :D

    Michael, where are you? Contact me on 6946873401. You are welcome to join us.


    Rodos Rugby

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