Athens Rugby Football Club Annual Christmas Party.

Dear rugby friend, if you are in Athens this Friday do no miss the ARFC party. What can be better that a party with rugby men.

The party takes place on Friday December 1st at:
Club Metallourgio
127 Pireos Street, Gazi
Doors Open 22:00

Ticket includes:
Music from DJ Reppas & DJ Vlassis (Rock & Club in Kolonaki).
All your food and drink – food from Laurent Cluzelaud (Vive Mare, Akrotiri, Baraonda), beer from Craft (other drinks also available!)

For reservations and to buy tickets contact:
Kostas Tsampaos (Goth)
6944573167 / info @ athensrugby . com

4 Responses to “Athens Rugby Football Club Annual Christmas Party.”

  1. 1 Spyros Alexopoulos Dec 1st, 2006 at 4:26 am

    Hey guys, I’ve been following a lot of the Greek National Rugby career these past two years. I am a Senior at Columbia University in NYC and I am the No. 6 and Captain of the squad. I was wondering, since I am graduating in the spring, if there are any sevens leagues or 15s play during the summer, I have had some Super League experience in the States as well as playing a season for the College Rifles Div. 2 Men’s Side in Auckland New Zealand. I love the fact that rugby is getting so big in Greece, and since I just got introduced to the sport would love to go and have a run with you guys whenever I’m in Greece.
    I hope the rest of your season goes well I’ll be keeping tabs on the scores.
    All the Best
    Spyros Alexopoulos

  2. 2 Pascal Dec 1st, 2006 at 1:24 pm

    Hi Spyro, ARFC organized every summer a beach rugby tournament…
    Sea, Rugby and Sun and tons of beer! :) But a game could also be organized without any problem. Just avoid august as not a lot of people are in Athens.

  3. 3 Spyros Alexopoulos Dec 1st, 2006 at 8:56 pm

    Thanks Pascal, I am going to be in Europe until the world cup, so I figure I might even be able to get a run in the regular season, I know Mike Pelekanos, he has talked to me a little about coming to Greece to play, and I am interested in seeing the level of rugby, and also getting to meet some fellow rugby players, thanks.
    -Spyro Alexopoulos

  4. 4 mark dunn Feb 26th, 2007 at 10:56 pm

    hi guys,we are looking to visit athens from 10/5-15/5 and wondered if you could arrange a game for us..we are the blake bears rfc,a sunday side from somerset england.we would be around 3rd team level.but are very sociable and enjoy post match activities if you can help us we would be very grateful.
    kind regards
    mark dunn

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