George Tsatsaronis

I decided to introduce the first generation of players representing Greece in International Rugby. One player at the time, each time I can gather information. You know how hard it is. Greeks and mainly our beloved ‘EOR’ are not much into the internet thing. So who is going to be first one of the list.

It will be ‘My Cherona’ also known as George Tsatsaronis. The first player to score points for Greece and this was against Austria last year. Here we are a small presentation and the summary of what George told us.
George TsatsaronisGeorge Tsatsaronis was born on May 21st, 1981 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. He came to greece at a very young age and grew up here till he left for the states for college, Boston, MA USA. His family is Greek.

His rugby carrer started in the spring of 2000 just before summer break while at university. His first season started in the fall of 2000.
The game against Austria was a friendly game, by friendly I mean that it did not count for the FIRA tournament. The first cap for most of our players but also the first rugby cap ever in Greek rugby history.
He played as a scrum half even his natural position is 12-first center and moved around in the backs a lot.

He was also voted player of the game in Austria and played well. His selection for the nation squad has been a solid one. Our friend produce what the coaches need.

The national team is I believe the ‘cream’ of all the players in the country and the EOR should take more care of them. A more professional invitation to the national squad to make them feel as special as they are.
George scored the first points for Greece. The first penalty kick was against Austria and also the first try this time against Findland. For him, there is not greater feeling than playing the sport that you love. Representing his own country through that sport is much more than getting some steam off, its a way of life!
The level in national team has no comparison with the local level in Greece. It still quite low but do not forget they are pioneers, they are all giving birth to this brand new sport in Greece. Most of the experience players learned rugby outside of Greece and all of them hope that the Greeks finding out now about it will love the game as much as they do.
In Greece we have a huge gap between experiences players and the newbies. We have usually players with more than 10 years of rugby and the new ones with about 1 or 2 years.

How will he like to see the sport evolve? Well he dreams of a higher quality championship, new players to bring up to the national team level. The needs of fresh blood have to be taken into deep consideration by the federation. They need to realize that their job is to “promote” rugby in Greece. It is a new world a fresh market. They need to exploid it more with more games and not just the championship games. Exhibition games with as much as promotion, media and TV than possible.
He believes that the level has gone up since last year, but arranging some games with foreign teams is not only a great challenge but also a sure way to evaluate their progress.

And in all that, what about the player himself, he is real motivate to get better and better. He wants to reach another level and not live out of his background. Having the luck to have played against him and with him, I can assure the skills and talent are there. He is practicing to become an exceptional kicker so the national team to have more options during the national teams games. A good flyhalf and back should always be able to kick from everywhere…

Let’s mark those words and George next time I am with you boys I wish to see a 50m kick ;)
Thanks a lot George for this interview. Keep up the good work. Force et Courage!

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  1. 1 Nasos Makriyiannis Dec 1st, 2006 at 6:36 pm

    I wanted to be the first one to leave a comment! George (a.k.a Tsong, Ball, The George) always succeeds at anything he puts his mind to, especially when it comes to sports. I have no doubt that rugby will become a celebrated and popular Greek sport. Although it will take time, I believe George is the right person to lead the way……Good luck!


    PS If you arrange a “friendly” against Turkey, I’ll definitely come and watch!

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