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Archive for December, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Dear rugby lovers,
have a nice time and rest during this vacations. My best wished for 2007, I hope to see the rugby in Greece more and more developed, to have more and more Greek rugby teams and that Greek rugby reaches a high standard. The final line will be reach soon with the European championship [...]

Where are you?

The first week-end of this year championship, Poseidon Rafinas  start by a resting and I am sad to see that they have been resting ever since.

02 – 03 December 2006: Athens RFC – Poseidon Rafinas
9 – 10 December 2006: Athens Spartans RFC – Poseidon Rafinas
16 -17 December 2006: Poseidon Rafinas – Colossus of Rhodes

The only [...]

Springboks vs Spartans

16/12/06 Springboks – Spartans
Weather: sunny
Spectators : 60
Pitch: Glyka Nera
Kick-off: 15:07
Score : 5-5 (halftime 0-5)

for Spartans Delis Vassilis 1 try (29’)
for Springboks Sparacello Alexis 1 try (80’).

Championship Day 3

We had some games this week-end, I took me time to finally gather all the information about them. My dream is to have a contact person from each team to give me input before the game, so we could advertise it here and gather more people to go and watch it. That is the only [...]

National Team : final on May 12th

European Nations Cup – Division 3 – Group D: Group D’s final will pit Greece against Slovakia on May 12, 2007.
In spite of its defeat 6-0 against Monaco last october, Slovakia qualified itself by winning the game on “tapis vert”. The Slovak had reserves at the end of the match, about the eligibility of Monaco’s [...]