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Archive for March, 2007

Is the Hellenic Rugby championship doomed?

This weekend, the final was supposed to be held. I received an email stating this: ” Government has suspended all team sports for 15 days after yesterday’s violence — still not confirmed if this includes amateur sport”. What happened?
It seems a fight between Olympiakos and Panathinaikos fans using stones, knifes, … hitting anyone in their [...]

Cyprus Moufflons win their first international match 39-3, versus Greece.

I allowed myself to reproduce the nice match report that can be found on the Cyprus Rugby Federation website.
In their first international rugby match, only 3 months after being officially accepted as the 43rd member of F.I.R.A. A.E.R., the fledgling [...]

Semi Finals

The semi – finals took place at the Trikala National Stadium on March 17thThe . The first one stated at 2pm followed by the second on at 4pm.

Mecedones Evosmou 0 vs 64 Athens R.F.C.
Spartakos Thess. 8 vs 15 Rhodes Kollosoi

Bravo to ARFC and Rhodos!!! This year we will have our long awaited final. I will [...]

Cyprus won 39-3.

Thanks to Nikos Hadjipetrou we have fresh update for the long awaited game. He had the pleasure to watch the game, even though he is currently a newbie in rugby world. Cyprus won 39-3. Nearly half of the “Cypriot” players were in fact British ex-pats living in Cyprus, and the rest were repatriated Cypriots from [...]

XV de Gaule?

What is that you are asking yourselves… Well it is an event, a tournament. Lot of French people are involved in Greek rugby. I do not know if it is a coincidence or something but all my French friends married to greek girls are also rugbyman. I will have to invetigate that…Anyway that is out [...]