Rugby7 European championship

Browsing the FIRA-AER website and I checked the Flash News number 74 it was published on February 1st. Some interesting news on Greece. I am not sure everybody is aware of it, so here it comes. Just a note, the flash news are written in French.

  • 7 European championship
  • CROATIA – Zagreb May 26/27 – Italy, Roumania, Croatia, Ukrainia, Andorra, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hongaria, Slovakia, Greece
  • GEORGIA – Tbilissi June 9/10 – France, Georgia, Moldavia, Ukrainia, Belgium, Lettonia, Israël, Azerbaïdjan, Bulgaria, Greece
  • Final in Moscou July 7/8
  • U17 camp – Greece – Israël – Cyprus May 3/7 in Israël.

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  1. 1 stelios Mar 16th, 2007 at 8:08 am

    Good to hear greece is going to play some tough opponents, but also that they are playing rugby 7’s, i love watching rugby 7’s as its a quicker,more exiting version of the game.

    Good luck Greece.

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