XV de Gaule: the schedule

 The XV de Gaule and guests are waiting for you on the Glyka Nera pitch this Saturday April 17st.

The program of Saturday’s tournament is as follows:

  • Around 12:10: game with the kids from the Academy (7 to 14 y.o.). During the entrance of the kids on the pitch, each one will be accompanied by a veteran.
  • Around 13:00: first game: Barbarians (under 23) – Veterans (2×20mns)
  • Around 14:00: Barbarians – XV de Gaule (2×20mns)
  • Around 15:00: XV de Gaule – Veterans (2×20mns)
  • Around 16:00: awards and barbecue.

Since it is quite long, they will try to speed up the interval between games to try to finish before 15:30. I sadly won’t be able to attend, but if this is as successful as I expect it to be there surely will be another edition. I will be thinking of you guys!

We have a list of players from each teams that confirmed their participation.

  • Veterans: Eden, Vamvakas, Tany, Malyan, Kosmas, Clark, Paul, Milner, Billy, Greg. (Ioannou, James and Henderson?)
  • XV de Gaule:Nathan, Sakis, JC, Emmanuel, Gerard, Bruno, Jeremie, Thibaud, Philippe, Cyril, Stephane, David, Eric, Dimitris, Alexis Sp., HM, Remy, Jean-Louis, Sam, Alexander, Valentin.
  • Barbarians (under 23): Makris, Angelo, Alex Sak., Fotis Sitaras, Stathis, Theo, Zonidis, Vazoukis, Sotiris, Nontas, Loukas

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