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Archive for October, 2007

Cyprus prepare for promotion battle

Will Cyprus join Greece in 3C? The Festival of Rugby comprises the completion of a round-robin tournament in group 3D, the lowest rung of European rugby. The other teams taking part are Azerbaijan, Monaco and Slovakia, who Greece beat earlier this year to ensure their promotion to 3C.
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In Cyprus from October 28 [...]

Stransky says Greece should focus on Sevens

Very interesting interview made by Barney Spender on Friday, October 19, 2007. He talked to the South African World Cup legend Joel Stransky. Former South Africa stand-off Joel Stransky has said that Greece should focus on Sevens rugby if it wants to build a firm base for the game.
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From my point of [...]

Game review of the game Attika Springboks vs Spartakos Salonica – Final score 56-0

Referee: Andreas Frangopoulos
Spectators: around 70.
Due to last minute defections, Spartakos team leaded by Babis Demertzis could align only 12 players (Babis enter to replace an injured player to keep the numbers at the mandatory minimum of 12). Referee and team coaches agreed to have uncontested scrums.
In the first minutes, Mike Henderson (Nr10) converted a penalty [...]

HRC – results – round 2

Here are the results for this week end:

Attica Springboks 56- 0 Spartakos
Rhodes 24 – 10 Mekedones Evosmos
Trikala 0 – 74 Spartans
Iraklis 8 – 54 Athens

Athens and Rhodes kept up a strong pace at the top of the Greek championship with both sides recording their second wins of the season in round 2. Attica Springboks and [...]

No rugby this week end

No rugby in Greece this week end, the next games will be held October 27-28. Here is the schedule.

Attica Springboks – Spartakos
Rhodes – Mekedones Evosmos
Trikala – Spartans
Iraklis – Athens