Stransky says Greece should focus on Sevens

Very interesting interview made by Barney Spender on Friday, October 19, 2007. He talked to the South African World Cup legend Joel Stransky. Former South Africa stand-off Joel Stransky has said that Greece should focus on Sevens rugby if it wants to build a firm base for the game.
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From my point of view, focusing on 7 means also have infrastructures in place, rugby stadium, goal post,… Should our teams create multiple 7s teams? Should we focus on touch rugby also to attract the people afraid of injuries?
Would touch make it easier on us to find grounds?

2 Responses to “Stransky says Greece should focus on Sevens”

  1. 1 Cheronna Nov 10th, 2007 at 3:28 am

    having seen the teams in Croatia, I believe Greece should also focus on a good sevens team. We have a strong 15’s team but seeing the competition and the ability of our team, without any practice to play against organized sides, we have a strong chance to even come in the first couple positions.

    The local teams should have at least 2 sevens teams competing in a tournment or even championship, in the off season or during the season.

    In the summer I organized a 7’s tourney and it went real well. whole day event and it helps bring up stamina, agility, and helpes build on seeing the field better.

  2. 2 Alex Nov 12th, 2007 at 4:53 pm

    Or you could look @ how long it has taken sides who play 7’s to break into the world cup and be considered a serious team…

    Tonga, Fiji, Samoa etc… they all have fantastic 7’s teams but have in the past failed in establishing a good XV. Maybe its the mentality of these countries, but 7’s is not going to give you forwards that can scrummage hard, or turn over ball. and it wont give the backs any defensive practice….

    7’s is a completely different game, and its easy for a South African to suggest this. When Rugby is South Africa’s number 1 sport.

    I’m not saying that we shouldn’t play 7’s, but to suggest that that’s where Greece should concentrate is on 7’s is crazy.

    Also consider how many International 7’s players play for their XV sides…

    I hope you are all well…