Game review of the game Attika Springboks vs Athens Spartans – Final score 48-20

Referee: George Psarommatis
Spectators: around 80
Weather: sunshine , no wind
Pitch: a bit wet (ideal for rugby)

The game started very well for the Spartans. Just after kick-off, they took the opportunity of a lack of concentration in the Springboks lines and scored a try (2’ not converted. Score 0-5). Immediately after, Springboks set a ruck in the Spartans 22 and referee whistle an offside of the Spartans back lines. Fly half Mike Henderson converted the penalty (4’. Score 3-5). Spartans answered with a converted penalty for the same reason (6’. Score 3-8). Meanwhile, the first scrum showed a clear superiority of the Springbok forwards over their counterparts in this part of the game. But, due to an injury and following a request from the Spartans side, the referee decided to play only uncontested scrums short after that and up to the end of the game.

A nice move from the back lines up to the the wing brought Springboks first try (S.Stergioulis 8’. Not converted. Score 8-8).

The game remained very balanced for another 17’ with a great defense from Spartans and a few fumbles from Springboks. Then, first center A.Sparacello scored a try (25’. M.Henderson converted. Score 15-8). Ten minutes later, Spartans backs crossed the Springboks defense and scored a try (35’. Not converted. Score 15-13) .

Half-time score: 15-13

In the second-half, the Springboks alternated moves between front lines and back lines and, after 10’ of “warming up”, increased the level of play reducing also the mistakes.

After good passing phase in the back lines, S. Stergioulis (Nr11) scored another try (50’. M.Henderson converted. Score 22-13).

The same player brought the ball next to Spartans try line and prop N.Courcelle who had replaced C.Bardis a few minutes before, completed the collective effort (57’. Not converted. Score 27-13).

Six minutes later, flanker G.Paschalidis found a way from the 40 meters to the try line, between several Spartans defenders and scored (63’. M.Henderson converted. Score 34-13).

Five minutes later, Nr 8 V.Peducasse’s scored from a scrum close to Spartans try line (68’. M.Henderson converted. Score 41-13).

Relaxed by the score difference, Springboks lost concentration and still fit Spartans took the opportunity of an “over numbered line” on the left side of a ruck and scored (75’. Not converted. Score 41-20).

As an effect, Springboks reentered the game and G.Paschalidis scored in the last minute (as against Spartakos) (80’. M.Henderson converted. Score 48-20)

To summarize, it was quite an equilibrated game, particularly in the first half. Both teams showed great improvement in comparison with the level achieved during the previous season.

Attika Springboks: Cos Bardis, Eden Tipene, John Kosmas, Vassilis Poulopoulos, Theo Divanis, Emmanuel Ballu, Giannis Paschalidis, Vincent Peducasse, Fotis Sitaras, Mike Henderson, Sotiris Stergioulis, Alexis Sparacello, Nontas Serafeim, Paul Kolyvas, Kostis Papadopoulos. Replacements: Nathanael Courcelle, Guillaume Cancelloni, Antonis Kapellas, George Babasakalis, David Collet, Giannis Mastrotheodoros, Jineuk Yi.

Tries (7): V.Peducasse (1), S.Stergioulis (2), A.Sparacello (1), G.Paschalidis (2), N.Courcelle (1).

Penalty (1): M.Henderson

Conversions (5): M.Henderson (5/7)

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