Game review of the game Attica Springboks vs Athens RFC – Final score 10-53

Referee: Andreas Frangopoulos assisted by Cos Bardis
Spectators: 80
Weather: sunny
Pitch: Glyka Nera

Two full teams of 22 players were competing. Attica Springboks had a slightly modified team due to injuries from previous games.

As it becomes a tradition for the Attica Springboks, the opponent team scored quickly after a back lines move across a relaxed defense (Tsatsaronis 5’) (score 0-5).

Henderson replied a few minutes later by a penalty kick (9’) (score 3-5).

But most of the game was taking place in the Attica Springboks area and Athens immediately after scored a try by one of its best players, full back Loizos. (11’) (score 3-10).

In one of its few incursion in Athens territory, Springboks scrum half Rouzies took the ball out of the ruck set up a few meters from goal line and made a decisive pass to Nr 8 Poulopoulos who landed the ball (converted by Henderson) (18’) (score 10-10).

Again, a few minutes and some missed tackles later (22’), Athens wing Makrikostas scored (score 10-15).

This was the key point of the game. Till then, the game was looking quite equilibrate and pleasant. But from this point, the spirit of the game got lost and infringements started to accumulate.

Athens Fly-half saw first the yellow card (30’). A few minutes later (37’), Athens player Nastas was sent off for a high tackle on Springboks scrum-half Rouzies. Immediately after (38’), Springboks wing Mastrotheodoros missed a kick on the ball going towards him and unintentionally find the Athens player chasing the ball. Referee showed him yellow card.

First half was concluded by a try by ARFC captain,Sotiriadis. (40’) (conversion Loizos) (score 10-22).

The second half belonged exclusively to Athens RFC.

Springboks started the second half with some fresh players in the forwards (prop Kosmas and flanker Vamvakas replacing Cordova and Cancelloni) to try to level the opposition in the scrum. But the defense errors remained and Athens wing Papadatos scored only after 1’ in the second half (conversion Loizos) (score 10-29).

Then, a forward move was concluded by Athens prop Tsabaos (48’) (conversion Loizos) (score 10-36). Springboks flanker Peducasse was replaced by Fadin.

Despite the safe difference of points, the tension was still heavy. An altercation between Athens captain Nr8, Sotiriadis and Springboks 2nd row, Courcelle, lead both of them to the sin bin for 10 minutes. (52’)

Springboks injured prop Kosmas was replaced by flanker F.Sitaras and wing Kolyvas by center Laborde (65’), then centers Sparacello and Jineuk by Agostini and Collet (71’).

During the remaining time, Athens put three other tries (65’ Papadatos, conversion Loizos, 69’ Fanariotis, 87’ (!!!) Sotiriadis). A few minutes before last try, Athens player Nastas got a red card for punching an opponent. (85’)

Final score: 10-53.

Yellow cards: Athens: Nr 10 Georgi (30’), Nr 19 Nastas (37’) and Nr 21 Sotiriadis (52’). Springboks: Nr 14 Mastrotheodors (38’), Nr 4 Courcelle (52’)

Red card: Athens: Nr 19 Nastas (85’).

Attica Springboks: Peyo Cordova, Russ Mayhew, Eden Tipene, Nathanael Courcelle, Teo Divanis, Vincent Peducasse, Guillaume Cancelloni, Vassilis Poulopoulos, Cyril Rouzies, Alexis Sparacello, Paul Kolyvas, Giannis Paschalidis, Jineuk Yi, Giannis Mastrotheodoros, Mike Henderson. Replacements: John Kosmas, Ian Vamvakas, Lyonel Fadin, Laurent Agostini, David Collet, Eric Laborde, Fotis Sitaras.

Tries (1): V.Poulopoulos.
Conversions (1): M. Henderson (1/1)
Penalties (1): M. Henderson (1/1)

Athens RFC

Tries (9): Papadatos (2), Tsatsaronis (1), Loizos (1), Makrikostas (1), Sotiriadis (1), Tsabaos (1), Fanariotis (1), Sotiriadis (1).
Conversions (4/9): Loizos

Note: it is interesting to see that some “experienced” players are still not aware of the IRB rugby rules. As an example, the law 26 about the supposed “authorized” stamping or trampling on a player who lays on the ground and who can find himself offside in a ruck:
Misconduct, Dangerous Play
(3) It is illegal for any player:
(b) willfully to hack or kick an opponent or to trip him with the foot or to trample on an opponent lying on the ground
(vi) A player shall not “take the law into his own hands” nor willfully do anything that is dangerous to an opponent even if the latter is infringing the Laws.

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  1. 1 Loiz Jan 23rd, 2008 at 5:28 pm

    btw, thanks for the kind words Pascal!! ;-)

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  4. 4 Goth Jan 28th, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    Nice description (commentary) for an one side dominating – game.

    By the way I played hooker not prop (talonneur non pilier).

  5. 5 GEORGE MACPHERSON Nov 2nd, 2008 at 2:13 am

    There could have been at least 100 to 110 people wathching that game or wqas it that it was played on a sunday?

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