Game SPARTAKOS (18) – ATTICA SPRINGBOKS (22) – 3/02/08

Game SPARTAKOS (18) – ATTICA SPRINGBOKS (22) – 3/02/08
Pitch: “Mattas” Salonica
Kick-off: 15:15
Weather: sunny with weak wind

Attica Springboks team:
1 Tipene
2 Perrakis
3 Courcelle (captain)
4 J.Papadopoulos
5 Collet
6 Vamvakas
7 Yi
8 Peducasse
9 Rouzies
10 Henderson
11 Kolyvas
12 Stergioulis (replaced by 16 Savvopoulos around 20’, after injury)
13 Serafeim
14 Mastrotheodoros (replaced by 17 Zonidis around 67’)
15 F.Sakellariou

Uncontested scrums from kick-off after agreement between both teams and referee (after Attica Springboks request having only two front row players available)

Chronology of the game

Spartakos opened the score after a few minutes: try following a succession of passes in depth (2’) (converted 7/0)
3’ later, scrum for Springboks in the Sparatakos 22m, Nr 8 Peducasse takes the ball pass to scrum-half Rouzies who scores (not converted) (5’) (7/5)
At 22’, Springboks are penalized for an off-side on ruck. Penalty converted by Spartakos (10/5)
At 25’, penalty for Spartakos for an off-side on line-out. Converted (13-5)
At 31’, penalty for Springboks for hands in ruck. Converted by Henderson (13/8)
At 35’ after missed penalty kick by Springboks and Spartakos 22m kick-on, center Serafeim catches the ball, passes to fly-half Henderson, and wing Kolyvas scores in the corner. Converted by Henderson (13-15).
On the following kick-on, ball is caught by wing Savvopoulos, who runs 60 meters for the try, avoiding two defensers. Converted by Henderson (37’) (13-22) (Savvopoulos is the 20th Springboks player to score at least a try during this year Championship).


On the 2nd half kick-off, Springboks are penalized. Not converted by Spartakos.
After ten minutes in the Springboks 22m, with two penalties consecutively five meters from Springboks goal line, where a solid defense combined with some mishandling by Spartakos prevented Spartakos to cross the goal line, the game alternated between both halves.
Around 72’, Spartakos put a try between the poles, not converted (18/22).
Springboks resisted well during the last minutes to keep the score.

On the overall: solid defense from Springboks (a few missed tackles, good cover of the field – except on first try). Equal game in line-out (despite the difference in height, Springboks having to play without its two usual jumpers). Some failures in the Springboks kicking (on kick-on notably) but with no consequences. An obvious difference of power on the few mauls set up by Springboks and which could not progress.
Spartakos, which had more possession of the ball (in terms of game time, not of throw in), and which had stronger players in the forwards, could not exploit these advantages because of too many fumbles, insufficient sequencing in the moves and being too static in defense. The two mauls they tried hit hard the Springboks but remain exceptions. Every time Springboks managed to carry on game sequences, they opened spaces in Spartakos defense. The power of Spartakos players was also evident in the rucks where, despite it, the good Springboks organization and engagement allowed them to resist honorably without almost losing balls (not more than three during the whole game and due to late support).
A very good spirit from both teams (no yellow card, no bad gesture)

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  1. 1 GEORGE MACPHERSON Nov 2nd, 2008 at 2:07 am

    Good score 22-18 to ATTICA SPRINGBOKS against Game SPARTAKOS but it could have been a good 35-29 if there was more brake away tries form both squads if and if it was this way there should have been 3 tries and 1 drop goal for ATTICA SPRINGBOKS and there would have been 1 try, 1 convertion and 1 drop goal for Game SPARTAKOS

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