Pitch: Agios Andreas
Weather: Sunny
Spectators: 30
Referee: G.Mishviladze
Kick-off: 13:30

Attica Springboks: N.Courcelle, E.Tipene, P.Cordova, J-M.Hieronimus, K.Ierodiakonos (59’ J.Kosmas), L.Agostini, R.Mayhew, C.Fornes, D.Collet (51’ A.Sakellariou), A.Gounari, S.Stergioulis, N.Serafeim (C), J.Yi, F.Sakellariou (40’ N.Zonidis), L.Botsis.

Just after their kick-off, Spartans recovered the ball and, by continuous rucks and strong play on the basics, they approach the Springboks goal line and in a last push forward of the front men, Nr 8 Demertzis landed the ball (2’; 5-0; not converted).

Springboks’ answer came immediately. Springboks set up a ruck in Spartans 22. Prop Courcelle took out the ball and passed it quickly to 2nd center Yi who delivered the ball to wing F.Sakellariou for a “passage en force” and try (4’; 5-5; not converted).

Ten minutes later, lock and jumper Hieronimus caught the ball in the line-out and, despite being tackled at the same time, managed to pass the ball to fly-half Gounari. The ball went all down the back lines to reach wing Stergioulis who landed the ball (15’; 5-12; conversion Courcelle).

Then, a penalty was played quickly in Spartans 22 by prop Courcelle, who passed to flanker Agostini, who perforated Spartans defense on the goal line (20’; 5-17; not converted).

A few minutes later, a nice continuous move of Springboks forwards ended to wing F.Sakellariou who scored for the second time (24’; 5-22; not converted).

Score remained unchanged till half-time.

Half-time: 5-22

After kick-off, Springboks won a scrum in Spartans 22. Nr 8 Fornes took the ball and got through Spartans defense, and passed the ball on the tackle to flanker Agostini who scored for the second time (43’; 5-27; not converted).

51’: After an argument, Referee showed yellow card to Spartan frontline Marmara and Springbok center Yi.

Springboks set up a maul after a line-out. Nr8 Hieronimus took the ball out for prop Cordova who passed to prop Courcelle for try. (59’; 5-32; not converted).

Eight minutes later, an identical move ended to prop Cordova who scored (67’; 5-37; not converted).

In the time between, Spartans player Marmara saw yellow card for the second time for argument.

The final score was reached after a penalty played by hand 15m from Spartans goal line, and a rush of Springboks back lines ending with full-back Botsis who scored (70’; 5-42; not converted).


  1. 1 Marmaras Jan 20th, 2009 at 10:18 am

    just saying things the way you want to hear it e?

  2. 2 Marmaras Jan 20th, 2009 at 10:32 am

    Dear publisher

    The first yellow card wasnt for arguing with the referee but arguing with an oposing player which he also had been yellow carded. The second yellow card was for geeting stepped on the ribs infront of the spectators. The referee totaly missgudged that one. Talking about the referee, Which did not know even how to say crouch-touch-pause-engage. The game was videorecorded, if its not edited whatch it and write down your opinion about the game.

  3. 3 Pascal Jan 20th, 2009 at 12:07 pm

    Dear Marmaras,
    all the rugby players that know me, would tell you I am a fair guy. I left Athens couple of years ago and try to maintain this site to promote Greek rugby.
    The only way I can do that is with the help of ALL THE TEAMS!
    So do not complain and please help me out.
    You are completely free to send me news, summary,… anything.
    There is a dedicated page for you guys, for your details, contact numbers and so on. Join us!

  4. 4 hellboy Jan 20th, 2009 at 11:35 pm

    the try for spartans did it from someone called cupcake and he was Nr 6 in the game and not from Nr 8

  5. 5 Ioannou Jan 21st, 2009 at 1:11 pm

    Dear Pascal,

    On your report about the game it is obvious that you describe only the attica springboks side of game.Do not try to convince us that you equally clasify the teams because you dont.this can be tell by the fact that you didnt even mentioned the names of the players of spartans.The second yellow card shown on marmaras was unfair with no reason,you(they) just wanted to calm things down because of the tendecies and the passion that marmaras shown during the game.You could easily describe about our new guy who tackled springboks over 15 times in the game.

    Feel free to argue with me,

    The left Wing of the team.

  6. 6 Pascal Jan 21st, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    Hi there :)
    I do equally classify the team. This report was sent to me by the springboks. There are the only one that care enough to give me some feedbacks.
    Many years I try to contact every single team to do something all together, nobody replied. So once again, if you spartans want to be part of, YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME! After each game, send me a resume. Each time you organize en event let me know.
    This page is for you:
    If something is not accurate, let me know!
    yours in sport ( to quote Ted )

  7. 7 ruckORdie Jan 21st, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    Marmaras deserved both cards, come on the guy had big mouth in all the duration of the game and by the way Marmara learn rugby first then judge the others for the way they speak Greek or English or whatever, your business boy its in the field not on the internet. Also for those who play rugby in Greece, train hard, get fit, learn rugby, learn rugby rules, then speak.

  8. 8 Ioannou Jan 21st, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    Dear Pascal,

    I ensure you that from now on you will have my full report after each game we have.Thank you for your information.i didnt know since now.
    I dont want to support any of marmaras or ruckordie but i was next to the spectator of the game that said:’we should take him out for the games safety..’they were just waiting the moment.

    Ruckordie be sure i will get fit, train hard,learn rugby,leran rugby rules and i will be waiting to tackle you on the field.i wont say much.

    till the time i meet you again on the field ruckordie..


  9. 9 hellboy Jan 21st, 2009 at 8:29 pm

    the man who did the try (the only one )for spartans was Latsoudis Xenofon ,and not Demertzis as it has been written…can u pls correct it!!!….second u all mate have focus in marmaras yellow cards i beleive with out any serious reason.he is a new young player with a lot of fire and pasion in his heart and in his game…we all used to play like him when we started rugby,some of us more or i dont see the point why we still talkin about his cards..i did not noticed,if someone wrote last year about the red card that nastas get and not about talking but about hit a player in the face .why we talk about marmaras?..may be because he is from spartans”a small-weak team which dont win a lot?”"i believe that we should have wrote more about the bad example which nastas did the last year and not with this thing…and of course example like marmaras will continue in out gr rugby.because our level is not yet high.i really hope one day get high

  10. 10 ruckORdie Jan 22nd, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    Ioannou till then try to fix your dyslectic fingers

  11. 11 HMarc Jan 22nd, 2009 at 5:29 pm

    1- Someone has to write something if we want to spread news and make people to get interested in rugby. Sorry, but I can’t spot any “characterization” in the text for or against one team. Only actions leading to points are described (have a better look). So which other action, apart from first one, had to be described for Spartans? Feel free in the future to write game report.
    2- It is NOT written that yellow card(s) was(were) due to argument WITH the referee. Reason for second card was dictated by referee (also on game sheet).
    3- As abroad, team members don’t comment publically on referee’s decisions (remarks can be made on game sheet). It is also forbidden by article 30 of Greek Rugby Laws. Let’s continue to be proud of being different for that from football. And let’s stimulate more people to become referee.
    4- Sorry for the mistake on player’s name (name and number given by Spartans players on the spot). Thanks for correction. Already forwarded to Federation.
    5- Instead of criticizing the absence of Spartans names, why you don’t give them now? Only available data (replacements):
    48′ Lazopoulou in for Tsevas
    53′ Koumakis in for Bonoris
    59′ Zisis in for Lataniotis
    73′ Milosh Giannic in for Giorgiadis
    6- Indeed, Marmaras is a very passionate young player with future. Good for him.
    7- Good spirit Hellboy. Everybody saw that Spartans are better than ever. Great cohesion, passion and strong on the basics. Keep it up and good luck for the remaining games.

  12. 12 Ioannou Jan 23rd, 2009 at 11:59 am

    Ruckordie are you the one who wants us to take him seriously?come on brother you are just a kiddo.if you cant argue civilized you can get the hell out of that forum.

  13. 13 ruckORdie Jan 23rd, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    Ioannou ok I am a kid as u say, this is not a forum first of all, and second I don’t know why you start spread threats like “till the time i meet you again on the field ruckordie.” MATE GET A LIFE. Stop being a bully behind your keyboard.

  14. 14 Ioannou Jan 23rd, 2009 at 1:36 pm

    You cant judge my life mate.i never threated you i just answered on your comment about
    ^Also for those who play rugby in Greece, train hard, get fit, learn rugby, learn rugby rules, then speak.^

    Nevermind words are worthless since we can solve this on a rugby field.

    BB mate

    ps:grow up

  15. 15 Pascal Jan 23rd, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    boys, this page is made for comment on the article! nothing more :)
    so either you go to the forums to continue, either ( and I do prefer that one ) you go to kolonaki and grab a beer together!

  16. 16 Marmaras Jan 24th, 2009 at 4:50 pm

    Sorry for the characterizing the referee it will not happen again,
    Alot of of people from the Spartan side were upset, its normal, rugby in greece is still growing so i guess we need alot more patience, hard work and discipline, whatever happens on the field usually stays there in this case, it was brought up and jugded by spectators players etc. Lets look at enjoying the game instead of doing this…..

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