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Greece’s international matches – FIRA 3C

A small wrap up on international games played this season by our national team.
Luxembourg 14 Greece 17
April 25, 2009
Venue: Stade Josy Barthel, Luxembourg
Status: FIRA 3C
Greece 41 Bulgaria 18
April 11, 2009
Venue: Alexandroupoli
Status: FIRA 3C


The long awaited final game to in order to reach an higher division was today Saturday 12-5-2007. Greece vs Slovakia took place on Pavlou Mela pitch, Stavroupoli in Thessaloniki. The game started at 2pm and just ended now on the score 20 – 17.
Greece is qualify! Well done boys we are so proud of [...]

Cyprus won 39-3.

Thanks to Nikos Hadjipetrou we have fresh update for the long awaited game. He had the pleasure to watch the game, even though he is currently a newbie in rugby world. Cyprus won 39-3. Nearly half of the “Cypriot” players were in fact British ex-pats living in Cyprus, and the rest were repatriated Cypriots from [...]

Rugby7 European championship

Browsing the FIRA-AER website and I checked the Flash News number 74 it was published on February 1st. Some interesting news on Greece. I am not sure everybody is aware of it, so here it comes. Just a note, the flash news are written in French.

7 European championship

CROATIA – Zagreb May 26/27 – [...]

Sanctions for offences within the playing enclosure

IRB recommends sanctions for offences within the playing enclosure.The tariff should be considered as the usual sanction which can, dependent on the circumstances, be reduced if there are mitigating factors and increased if there are aggravating factors.
This rules are followed by IRB, FIRA… what about EOR?
Note: H Head, B Body, W Week, M Month

To strike [...]