Anestis Karageorgiou could see the mixed emotions on his brother’s face as Michali “proudly” watched his young son kick a soccer ball around the village square.

That’s when it started on Rhodes in 2003, shortly after Anestis had moved to Greece to join his brother in their ancestral village of Asklipio.

The initial idea was to start a rugby league team as the brothers had fond memories of playing rugby league with many Greeks, mostly Rhodians, back in Australia.

Lengthy research however indicated that rugby union would have to be the go. There were already two teams in Athens and one in Thessaloniki so it made sense. That was fine, no matter what the Boffins say, rugby is rugby and we had played
and loved both codes.

“I had always heard of “four mythical union teams” in Athens from my time in Greece in the mid nineties but I could never make contact with them from Rhodes. It was only one team then as it turned out anyway”, said Anesti.

Finally the idea started to gain momentum on Rhodes when Anesti was introduced to fellow founding members Angelo Seitis (formerly of Redfern) and Simon Garbutt (of Suffolk). “It was funny, they were great blokes. A group of us met played touch rugby at the acropolis and ancient olympic stadium of Rhodes. After a good hit out, Angelo complained he was too old to return to rugby. Simon, who was then nearly fifty shamed him and said “you are never too old for rugby” and that was it,
we were in for love or money!”, recalls Anesti.

In January 2006, the mighty Colossi played their very first match against the club first established in Greece, the Athens Spartans. The Colossi played juniors and guys who hadn’t even trained, playing the entire second half with only 11 men against a full squad in cyclonic conditions. We lost but we loved it . . . the pattern for a fighting tradition was cast . . . and the Colossi have never looked back!

Over the years hundreds have passed through the Rodos Rugby club with a strong, loyal, tribal core remaining. A core that gives the club its identity, when everything else is worn or washed away.

Anyone of any age or sex, interested in rugby on Rhodes in any form . . .be it rugby union, rugby league or touch rugby is encouraged to contact the club at info @

Anestis Karageorgiou : + 30 6946 873 401

Everyone is welcome (and you will be made to feel welcome) . . . Rodos Rugby is your team!